• Attention Financial Professionals!
    Does the idea of meeting with  your client's family make you a little queasy?  What if they don't get along?  Since no one taught you about this in school, wouldn't it be great to get a fast course on how to do a family meeting the right way?  No more messed up, awkward meetings or avoiding what you need to do because you aren't sure how to go about it! Get a skill set on family meetings and great communication together in only sixty minutes!
  • In this one hour couse you will learn to:
  • 1. Use a model process for family meetings to prepare your client's heirs for receiving wealth
  • 2.  Know how to start, what to do when you see a family fight brewing and when to go ahead or call it off.
  • 3.  Quickly put to use established "best practices" in communication that work beautifully with almost everyone
  • 4. Know how to use outside conflict management experts to assist you so you can get the job done even when a family is less than harmonious